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Click Account Settings. Enable API access.

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Your API key should now appear on the screen. Credentials Pane This pane contains fields for entering credentials to connect to your PipelineDeals account. Details Pane This pane contains a single menu from which you select a report type. The following reports are available: Activities Returns a list of all activities in your account.

Formstack PipelineDeals Integration

Calendar Events and Tasks Returns a list of all calendar events and tasks in your account. Companies Returns a list of companies in your account. Deals Returns a list of deals in your account.

Deals Custom Field Labels Returns a list of deals custom field labels for your account. Deals Details Returns detailed information about deals in your account. Documents Returns a list of documents in your account. People Returns a list of people in your account. Select the PipelineDeals report you want to run. The following reports are available: Activities. Your database is searched around the clock and lets you know of new matches. Auto Merging lets you merge common duplicates that keep entering your PipelineDeals account.

Automated contact merging that's 10x faster than doing it by hand. Save your team months of duplicate data headaches.


PipelineDeals cuts staff in ‘hard choice’ to keep up growth trajectory

Amazing Service. We removed all the duplicates in our CRM account. It was particularly useful in finding tricky matches. I only had to use it once.

Edit or create a new deal pipeline

It got rid of all my duplicates perfectly in less than 15 minutes. Need a custom plan or more info? Contact us for a plan that suites your needs.

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Only new duplicates that enter your account after you cancel. After you cancel, records you've merged with Dedupely will remain merged.

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When over limit, you're required to upgrade to the next plan. We will alert you via email and through the app. We usually don't give free trials. Records refer to People, Organization and Deal-type entities. Each CRM uses different terminology. Please contact us to learn if you qualify.

PipelineDeals: Simple and Powerful CRM - G Suite Marketplace

What is Doesn't Do. Made for people with better things to do. Smart de-duping Identify hoards of duplicates in minutes. Save days of work in one click. Fuzzy match to find non-exact duplicates. Find matches by various filters. Bulk duplicate merge Do in bulk what you used to do by hand. Merge entire lists of contacts in one click Fine-tune and customize merges Decide which values and contact Dedupely should keep. Automated de-duping Your database is searched around the clock and lets you know of new matches.